2017 Barnyard Brawl

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2017 Brawl WODs and Standards

2017 Brawl Heat Schedule V2

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Date: August 19 & 20, 2017

Registration Open: June 1, 2017

Cost: $80 per athlete; $160 per team

Fire Breather and Masters (40+) 2-person Team Division
will replace Fire Breather and Masters (40+) Individual Division.
RX and Scaled will still be an Individual Division.

*Each athlete must complete a waiver. The waiver will be on-line with the registration.

**There will be 6 workouts. Each athlete/team is guaranteed 5 workouts. We will do a cut after Event 5 and the top 8 will move onto the Final Event.**

Head Judge: Matt Ray – please address all workout, movement standards and scoring questions to matthewray@bigbarncrossfit.com.

Workout, Movement Standards and Scoring Announcements:

The workouts will be announced on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Barn and via website and Facebook. We encourage those that are available to join us at the Barn during the announcements. We will be available for questions at that time. Please note Event 6 will be released following Event 5.

Contact: Jonathan Smith for further questions at 505.554.2315 or jonathan.smith@icwanm.org.

Division Breakdown: Due to space constraints, we will have limited spots in each division.

Scaled Individual:

This division WODs will be designed to, as best as possible, mirror the movement patterns and metabolic demands of the Rx division WODs.  The loads and advanced movements will be modified in order for all athletes to be able to complete the workout.  Weights used in the competition will be significantly lower than the Rx division.  Gymnastics movement’s standards will be modified to allow even the beginner CrossFitter to complete the workout.  You will need to be able to do basic weightlifting movements such as: power clean/snatch, deadlift, shoulder to overhead, squat, KB swings, wall balls. Monostructural movements: running, rowing, air bike, single unders. Gymnastics: Box step ups, jumping pull-ups, knees to elbows, push-ups, wall walks, etc.

RX Men and Women

Masters Team:

The Rx and Masters division will feature CrossFit.com level programming. CrossFitters that can do the majority of the CrossFit.com workouts as prescribed and able to complete these movements without problems. Competitors should be able to perform all weightlifting movements such as: clean, snatch, ohs, deadlift, squat, shoulder to overhead, KB swings, wall balls. Monostructural movements: running, rowing, air bike, double unders. Gymnastics: Box jumps, pull-ups, TTB, ring dips, pistols, HSPUs, and muscle ups (no muscle ups for Women’s Masters), etc.

Fire Breather Team:

This Division is for the experienced CrossFitter.  Athletes should be able to perform all CrossFit.com WODs as prescribed.  Be prepared for heavier weights and more difficult modifications to various gymnastic movements.  See Rx description for expected movements.

All Teams

All teams will be a two-person team, whether male/male or female/female, not co-ed.  Be familiar with movements presented in the CrossFit Team Series as some may be presented in the Barnyard Brawl.  Be prepared for synchronized movements and extra workloads.  Each member of the team is expected to be able to do each movement, no “one team member doing all the work” scenarios.  

*The above described movements are not meant to be an all inclusive list.  Please be prepared for anything.

**Any movement presented in either the CrossFit Team Series, Regional or Games events may be present in the Barnyard Brawl.

***All teams should be familiar with  various team/partner movements presented in either the CrossFit Regional or Games events.


Example WOD: AMANDA (This will not be programmed for the Brawl)

Muscle Up


Rx RMU, 115/80
Scaled Jumping CTB PU (x2), 65/45 (Power)
Masters BMU, 115/80
Fire Breather Syncro BMU, 135/95



If you are unable to compete for any reasons you may have someone fill your spot in the same division. The fee is non-refundable.


Interested in sponsorship or  vendor space, contact Karen at karen@celebrationsstyle.com.