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Meet Marissa Pacheco

Started CrossFit: 2014, her Senior year in High School
Joined Big Barn CrossFit: August 2014

“My mom was the reason I started Crossfit. She was a huge inspiration to me because not only did she look great, but she was strong and confident in herself. Now that I do Crossfit on my own, I love it! My Barn family has had the greatest impact on my life because I have met an awesome group of people who are always there to give me motivation. I have developed great friendships at the Barn and I consider myself lucky to have made. I love that Crossfit is performance based. It is nice to have big traps and quads, but ultimately it is the skill of pushing yourself  even when ‘you got no gas in the tank.’ Crossfit to me, is about challenging myself to grow stronger not only physically, but mentally.”